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PCOS and Prometrium



I have pcos and irregular cycle and am going to start my clomid cycle next month. Is it necessary to check the utreine lining before starting treatment and also is it necessary for me to take prometrium due to pcos(low progestrone)? I had it during my first pregnancy but current doctor has not discussed about it. Should I have it before or during pregnancy. pls advise when?


There is no definite evidence that the use of prometrium (or other forms of progesterone) improve pregnancy outcome in patients who are taking fertility medications.  Some physicians do prescribe progesterone for their patients empirically (it theoretically might help but is not proven; however, it is unlikely to cause harm).

If you have a normal period (if you have PCOS, this is usually in response to taking progesterone), it is not necessary to check the uterine lining before starting clomid.

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Daniel B Williams, MD Daniel B Williams, MD
College of Medicine
University of Cincinnati