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Women's Health

I missed my periods - what`s the resason?



I missed my regular periods what could be the reason behind this phenomenon?


There are many reasons why you might miss a period. The most likely, if you are having intercourse, is that you could be pregnant.

Skipping a period can also occur as a result of stress, either positive or negative, so it could be what's going on in your life.

Depending on your age, missing a period could be the beginning of the menopausal transition.

And, a missed period could also be the sign of an infection or some other problem.

If your period returns to normal after the next cycle, you probably have nothing to worry about. Consider if any of the above situations are possible for you.  If you wait for another cycle, and you don't have a period, or you're worried, see your health provider.

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Linda A Bernhard, PhD, RN Linda A Bernhard, PhD, RN
Professor Emeritus
College of Nursing
The Ohio State University