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Can bump on tongue be from braces?



I have bilingual braces, meaning braces on the inner teeth, and I developed a bump (more of a wart looking bump) on the left corner of the back of my tongue. It grew a tiny bit and is now the size of the tip of a pin maybe smaller. It didn’t hurt at first but then I started poking at it and now it feels irritated.

Can it be from the braces? I have had them for a while already and something like this never happened. Also, I recently have been eating and drinking a lot of citrus products, mostly lemons and limes; is it possible that the acidity level is causing this bump? Please help!!! Thank You.


Any lesion (bump) that appears on the tongue and does not go away should be taken seriously. You need to inform your orthodontist and insist on an appointment to have it examined and ask him to record its progress, take a photograph and if need be to refer you to an oral pathologist. Tongue lesions are not to be taken lightly.

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