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Breast Cancer

Found a lump and breast goes numb



Hello, I am 39,I found a lump in my left breast located about 1 oclock, I also have numbness accurr when my husband rubs my breast. I have had my doctor appointment and she felt it right away, and I go this week for a complete mammogram and ultrasound. She classified it as a nodule. It never really hurt much, until she did my breast exam and then it hurt, and it contiuned to hurt for about 2 hours afterwards. Should I be concerned? I did have a full hysterecomy 6 years ago due to cyst and my uteris was covered in cyst along with 1/2 my left overy was gone. What is the next step once the ultrasound/mamm is complete? if there is something there do they do a biopsy?


Lumps that can be felt need full evaluation. Even if the mammogram and ultrasound tests are normal, the lump should be evaluated with a needle aspiration or biopsy. The type of procedure will depend on the appearance of the imaging tests that you will have this week. You should be concerned, but not overly worried. Most lumps women find turn out to be benign (not cancerous).

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