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Pregnancy with Von Willebrands



What are the risks of this condition? My grandaughter is 30 weeks pregnant and was just told she has this.


Risk for bleeding during pregnancy depends on how low the clotting factor levels of the mother are.  Von Willebrand clotting factors tend to increase during pregnancy due to changes in hormone levels, so  most women with vWD are able to deliver without any abnormal bleeding.  However, clotting factor levels should be tested to be sure, and if levels remain low, clotting factor can be given at the time of delivery to prevent problems.  There can also occasionally be delayed bleeding that starts when the pregnancy hormones go back to pre pregnancy levels.  It is a good idea to see a hematologist with experience taking care of vWD during pregnancy so he can decide if clotting factor is needed.

There is a 50% chance for the baby to have vWD.  If the baby has vWD, its clotting factor levels are usually similar to those of the mother. 

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