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Frozen Embryos



I had three embryos frozen and scheduled to have them "placed" into me on Aug 5th. Today my Doctor called me and said a couple of my embryos had thawed by mistake today. Once realizing the mistake they re-frozed them. Does this harm my embryos? What happens? If the implantation takes place is there a chance for deformity? I`m so worried and don`t know what to expect and don`t know what the outcome maybe? I just don`t know what to do. He wants to proceed with the transfer and mentioned transfering all three. Can you please help me with some answers to my question. I`m desperately awaiting a response if possible please. Thank you.


There is no data regarding refreezing of embryos.  While this is not ideal, there is also no evidence that there is additional damage with refreezing as long as the embryos survive. 

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Daniel B Williams, MD Daniel B Williams, MD
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