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Itching and liquid



I am 26 years old and have had a vaginal itching problem for years. It usually just itches and is annoying but a little scratching at night and i`m fine so I don`t do anything about it. About 3 years ago, I went to see a gynecologist and she gave me some cream to treat it but after the treatment ended, it started up again and I haven`t gone to see her since. For the last year, the itching and burning got so bad that I can`t help but scratch and it always ends up bleeding and gets sore and hurts when I touch it. Not only that, my butt starts itching too and when I wipe a few times, some liquid comes out. It`s clear and I don`t know where it comes from because it goes all along the crack. It`s just there no matter how much I wipe. It`s enough to soak through my underwear and my pyjamas and since it never dries, it leaves marks around the area and is really uncomfortable. I really hate going to the doctor and especially the gynecologist so is there anything i can get to treat it and is it serious?


Without a thorough exam, I can't give you any valid recommendations of how to treat this without seeing a doctor. The itching may be a skin condition that requires constant medication. Conditions like psoriasis or lichen sclerosis requires constant medication application. The liquid discharge from the rectum is of concern. This needs to be evaluated by a physician to determine the cause.

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