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I am allergic to mushrooms



Hi, I am allergic to mushrooms. I have to carry an Epi-pen because of the severity of the reaction. Does this mean truffles would be a problem? I can eat any kind of cheese so fungi as a whole doesn`t seem to be a problem. My only other allery is to seafood (and iodine based dyes like the ones used for CATs). Thank you for your time.


There is not any good data on the cross reactivity between truffles and mushrooms. Truffles are fungi as you indicated but molds are very heterogeneous with numerous potential allergens in hyphae and spores. Mushrooms are basiospores where as truffles are in the ascospore family. To be safe, I would avoid all mushrooms. If you want to eat truffles then see an allergist who can do appropriate truffle testing and possibly a controlled oral challenge to truffle.

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