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Remove braces



my daughter past away last year.her son has braces not sure what dentist she took him to they need to come off and he needs a retainer.i called a couple of denist they can`t or won`t please help.

thank you a grandmother


First you should contact the State Dental Association in your state. Ask if they have a program called Give Kids a Smile and find out what the number is or the e-mail address and see if you can link up that way. If you are unsure about where the State Dental Association is located in your state, contact the American Dental Association. If your doctor is a bone-fide orthodontist, that is they have a certificate issued by the university they attended and limit their practice to the specialty of Orthodontics, you might check with the American Association of Orthodontists in St. Louis on Lindbergh Blvd. Either of these organizations should be able to help.

Do you know the original doctor's name? He/she should also be able to recommend or help you to find someone, if your family left that office in good standing.

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