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Anxiety and Stress Disorders

Tightness in Throat / Lump-Like Feeling



I am 21 year old guy; no smoking or alcohol history (at all). I have been prescribed Xanex and Adivan at different times and even sertraline which i weened myself off of. My anxiety was classically surrounding exams and academic situations.

A couple of weeks ago i was told i had a mucocele in my mouth which (i was told) is harmless. However, since then i have been probing myself for cancer symptoms. Looking at a lump in my mouth, my fear was almost exclusively on cancer. At first I felt like i had enlarged tonsils and now i feel like i have a tight throat (and no enlarged tonsils).

i felt the tightness in my throat a good hour after i had a meal and i simply cannot get over it. I have been eating to make sure i dont have `difficulty swallowing` food and i can eat whatever i try. I still feel a tightness in my throat ... Is this anxiety? Its really tearing me apart.


Two common symptoms of anxiety are excessive worry (including worrying about one's health) and physical symptoms, such as a tightness in your throat.  It sounds like your anxiety may be returning, and I encourage you to talk to your mental health provider again.  Sometimes the return of anxiety symptoms is a good clue that medications and/or therapy ended too soon.  Often, a long remission from anxiety will take several years of medication and/or therapy.

Good Luck.

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