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High rubella IgG and C.M.V. IgG in pregnancy



I am a 33 yrs old mother of a 9 yrs old daughter.April 2006 I had a spontaneous abortion of 5 weeks foetus after which i had undergone series of tests including TORCH profile which indicated Rubella IgG as 65.8, IgM as 0.34 and Cytomegalo virus IgG as 14.4 and IgM as 0.70. Right now I am 11 weeks pregnant with no physical problem at all. On behest of my doctor I have recently got the TORCH profile done again which shows Rubella IgG as 26.76 IgM as 0.41 and Cytomegalovirus IgG as 32.70 and IgM as 0.42. My doctor is advising termination of this pregnancy. Please help. Thank you.


IgG antibodies are an indicator of long-term prior exposure and the values you mention simply mean that you have, in the past, been exposed to CMV and vaccinated against Rubella and have immunity. Ig M antibodies measure acute exposure. Since I do not know the normal values at the lab your tests were done I hesitate to make a definitive comment. It does appear that the IgM levels are low and not overly-concerning. Given the gravity of your decision, I suggest seeking a face-to-face second opinion from a high-risk OB in your area.

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Arthur T Ollendorff, MD Arthur T Ollendorff, MD
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