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Urinary Disorders

Bartter`s Syndrome



Are kidney transplants ever done to cure Bartter`s Syndrome, if nothing else can be done? (extreme cases)


Since the late 1990's, there have been sporadic case reports of successful kidney transplantation in patients with Bartter's syndrome.  The group at Stanford most recently reported transplantation to treat a patient with severe electrolyte abnormalities, even before the development of end-stage renal disease (Pediatr Transplant 2006; 10:266-270).  Use of this strategy must carefully weigh the benefits of eliminating the native kidneys as the source of the electrolyte abnormalities against the risks of life-long immunosuppression needed to sustain the transplanted kidney (renal allograft).

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Donald E Hricik, MD Donald E Hricik, MD
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