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Breast Cancer

Inflammatory breast cancer



I am 34, have family history of breast cancer. my mom just passed away 10/1/07, i found 1 small lump 7/28/08 and since then my breast is 4 1/2 bigger than left, looks bruised, i have a discharge, there are now three lumps that are opening and then healing on and off. i had a dx mammogram that shows

asymetry uoq of the rt breast palable abnornalties, scattered fibroglandular density, with no malignant calcifications... what does that mean?

my breast looks awful. and i just found lump behind my neck, i am scheduled for a stereotactic biopsy, my pcp suggested it may be inflammatory breast cancer


This certainly needs to be investigated and possibly represents inflammatory breast cancer or locally advanced breast cancer. Have the biopsy that is planned as soon as possible. Be sure you are seeing a good medical oncologist and breast surgeon if this does turn out to be breast cancer; a team approach is very important for success. With inflammatory breast cancer, usually chemotherapy is given before surgery is performed. Treatment is very successful, and improving, for all stages of breast cancer, so it is best to get in and get care for this.

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