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Urinary Disorders

Post-void residual volume???



I`m 53 and have to urinate frequently (about 4 times/night): opinions as to my prostate being enlarged seem to vary depending on who is checking it...My yearly physicals for the Air Force reserve are always done by a different doctor (and of course, I`m not going to admit the them that I have a problem for fear of losing my credentials as a pilot). Anyway,I just had my yearly physical and this time it was from the same young, sharp doctor as last year and she said "prominant, plus one, but smooth"....suggested that I come back in the future with a full bladder, urinate, then let them cath me to determine "post-void urinary volume".....which makes sense to me except that I`m scared to death of geting cathed! While in the hospital, I saw a nurse use a hand-held "bladder scanner" to make sure that a post-op patient wasn`t having urinary retention. Could I suggest to my doctor that they use a bladder scanner instead of a catheter, or is this stupid? Sorry if this is a dumb question, my expertise is in aviation, medical science is a mystery to me. thanks


It is not a dumb question. We rarely cath patients to check post void residuals. Ultrasound scanners are used and should be available everywhere.

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Marc F Cymes, PA Marc F Cymes, PA
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