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Do I Have Sacroidosis



I was treated last year for what I was told were benign lesions and scar tissue, in one lung, pericardium and lymph nodes on my left side. Treatment ceased in December when advised it was clear. 4 weeks ago, I became ill again with asthmatic symptoms, tenderness in left armpit, lumps in left breast, and extreme fatigue. I Had an MRI, scans and ultrasounds. Now I have been told the lesions have returned, larger but benign, and they told me I have nothing to worry about. I am now on a course of 8 weeks of varying injections and being told nothing, I am not permitted to see the prescribing doctor as I am a public patient. I have read all I can find on lesions of the lung, effects of the severe bronchial and lobar pneumonia suffered as a toddler, but I can find nothing which resembles my full range of symptoms..the nearest is sarcoidosis. Weight loss is increasing, as are the coughs, tenderness in armpit and breast, and the terrible exhaustion is almost overwhelming. Confusion is rampant!! I cannot afford private health cover and being kept in the dark is creating more stress than I can handle. Any suggestions? I am in Qld Australia.


I am not informed of the structure of the Australian health system. However, it is my opinion that your healthcare providers are obliged to inform you of your diagnosis and treatment. Based upon your symptoms and the limited medical history provided, sarcoidosis is high on the list of possible causes. However, the diagnosis of sarcoidosis is one of "exclusion", meaning that all other potential causes, such as infection and malignancy, must be considered. The diagnosis of sarcoidosis is best confirmed by sampling (biopsy) of affected tissues.

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College of Medicine
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