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Anxiety and Stress Disorders

Anxitey, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder



Hello, I have a couple of questions. I have Hypothyrodism and a nodule. In 2006, my nodule was deemed suspicious so after my sonogram,They performed a Biopsy and deemed me to be fine;but to watch for potential growth in the future. Unfortunatley since then,I have not been able to seek " Health Insurance and rarley see a doctor or am able to get a sonogram. How often should one check on that? Can I afford to wait another 6 months to a year if my Biopsy was in good standing. My next question may be harder to answer. In 2006 as well I had carbon monoxide poisioning... I recieved oxygen I was sick for months prior to the incident blacking out ,fainting not knowing why .. I was treated and released..but 2 and half years later I suffer from besides my real health issues with thyroid I suffer from major anxitey and always think I am on the verge of getting it and relize it is something perhaps I should seek counseling for;though I try to fight this on my own.even if a lawnmower is running outside -- I close my windows thinking therei s a danger or cooking on my gas range gives me fear.i know this is silly but I that incident did shake me up and my logic. Are there any support groups out there?

I have tried counseling once and it is as if they think it is trvial or i just need meds but I never have been mentally unstable before this and can`t seem to find help specifically for this issue..

Thank You,


This is not the appropriate site for getting questions answered about your thyroid -- You may want to visit the Thyroid Diseases health topic on NetWellness for more information.  You can also contact your original doctor's office by phone and ask your questions.

With regards to your issues about PTSD and anxiety -- counseling and/or medication are both very effective treatments.  However, one counseling session will never be effective, any more than one pill will be effective for treating anxiety.  Generally, while anxiety can be successfully treated, treatment generally takes months to be effective.  It is also important that you find the right counselor and the right medication -- unfortunately, it is not always possible to know immediately, and so you may need to visit a couple of counselors before you find the right one for you.

Most communities have low cost or sliding scale mental health services -- check these out.  Also check out the weblinks for more information about anxiety.

Good Luck.

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