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Bleeding after a pap test




I just went for a pap test and I bled quite a bit at the end of the test. I asked my doctor about it and she said "it`s weird". I`ve read that it`s normal to bleed after it but my doctor said that it`s not "normal to bleed so much". This is my second pap test and during the first one I bled a day after but not as much. I`m a bit worried...because my doctor didn`t give me much information on it and all she said was to wait for the results. Is there anything wrong?? Please help...


You are correct, it is normal to have some bleeding after a Pap smear. The cervix is rich with superficial blood vessels that are traumatized during a Pap. Excessive bleeding could be from a preexisting infection or cervical lesion. Both of these can be ruled out with a Pap smear and culture of the cervix. Most likely it is just a normal variation of the expected bleeding. As long as the Pap and culture is normal and you don't have abnormal bleeding any other time, you are probably fine.

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