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Red, hot, itchy bumps



sometimes after carying a shopping basket,an hour or 2 later,I`ll get these. Also, if I work on a stepladder, when I`m done, my shins or just above my knees will be very swollen,hard,red and itchy. If I work around the house alot,(in flower beds,painting walls)my hands will do the same thing, and they also ach, and its hard to make a fist or pick up things for a day or two later. Sometimes I can wake up with them on my legs,arms,back,butt,stomach. Not covered with, only a few, but they also show up during the day with no apparent cause. All of a sudden I`ll feel hot, itchy spots under my clothes and when I look they`re there. Sometimes they are only raised a little, sometimes they are really big. They appear any where, also my feet, either for a reason(like when I use the stepladder without wearing shoes,the bottoms of my feet swell and I have a hard time walking) or for no reason like the other night when I was watching TV and the side of my heel started to feel itchy, half hour later it was hard, swollen,red, and itchy. My husband said maybe allergies or hives, but sometimes they seem to have no reason, and sometimes it from the activities, or work that I do.


These occurrences probably represent pressure- induced hives and tissue swelling. You need to consult an allergist for proper management.

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