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Spine and Back Health




I went to the doctor because my knee was hurting me really bad and i did not injure it in any way that i know of.I was told by my doctor that my hips are 1 inch apart there for making my knee hurt, he said that my hips are making the blood flow to my knee cut off and i have had back problems since i can remember and i am only 19 years old. When i saw the doctor he cracked my back and did something else with my neck and also with my knee. Everything then felt better but it it has come back. Even since then when i sit for about 30 minutes in one position my legs start to go numb. I now have been noticing that my arms and hands are going numb also. I feel like i have to constanly move so that my arms or legs will not go to sleep on me and dont become numb. Because it hurts when i start to move when they are numb. Plus help me understand what is going on and why i am the one that is having so much problems with sitting for long periods of time. I need some advice because i have a office job where i sit most of the day and i need this problem to fixed in some sort of way because it is really annoying to not be able to sit still for how ever long i want to. Please let me know anything that can help my situation!!!

Thank you so much


Hello, thank you for your question. Obviously I can’t diagnose what’s wrong with you without examining you and taking a full medical history; that is not the purpose of this website, either. You need to see a neurologist. You will probably need some tests done, such an MRI scans or something along those lines. You should not be allowing anyone to “crack your back”. This could be harmful. Have your doctor refer to you to a neurologist for examination and testing. Good luck.

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David J Hart, MD David J Hart, MD
Associate Professor of Neurosurgery
School of Medicine
Case Western Reserve University