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Digestive Disorders

Recent Stomach Trouble



I`m 22 years old and have been having some recent discomfort in my stomach region. Lot`s of gas, and some mild discomfort mainly in the left side right below my rib cage and in the lower abdomen right above my pelvis. I`ve also noticed whenever I use the toilet, that my anus seems to bleed bright red blood. 3-4 months prior I was having the same problem with the bright red blood (without any pains other than feeling bloated occasionally after eating too much) and had an Endoscopy. There was no noticeable problems that came from the test and it was deemed that I should just take some Nexium to relax my stomach. I`m a bit concerned about the addition of the stomach pains that have been coming around as of the last 3-4 days. Any ideas?


When you say endoscopy, I am assuming it was a lower (or sigmoidoscopy/colonoscopy) because of the bleeding. If it was not, it sounds like that should be done to rule out inflammatory bowel disease. If it was, it also sounds like you should have an upper endoscopy to rule out any upper gastrointestinal problems like an ulcer.

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