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Lung diseases

CT Scan Interpretation



Got a CT scan done almost 5 months ago and Doctor has yet to tell me what it means. Can you interpret it so at least I know if I am really sick or not? The anxiety is killing me.

FINDINGS: This examination is slightly limited, as the lung bases were not included on all planes. Within these limitations, there are scattered noncalcified pleural and parenchymal nodular densities within the medial aspect of the right lower lobe. The largest of these measures up to 8mm in size. The lungs are otherwise clear and no pleural effusion is seen. The heart size is within normal limits without pericardial effusion. There is mild prominence of the ascending thoracic aorta measuring up to 3.5 x 3.6 cm in size. This normalizes in caliber at the level of the thoracic aortic arch. There is no evidence of thoracic aortic dissection. No central pulmonary embolus is identified. There is material of heterogeneous increased attenuation within the anterior mediastinum suggestive of probable residual thymus. Enlarged subcarinal and right hilar lymph nodes are noted. The largest subcarinal lymph node measures up to 1.4 cm in short axis. The central airways are grossly patent. Limited evaluation of the upper abdomen is grossly unremarkable. The adrenal glands however were not included on this exam. There are no gross, acute osseous findings.

CT scan performed on 5/14/2008. Radiologist report completed on 5/14/2008.


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