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Anxiety and Stress Disorders




I`ve been suffering from depression for quite a few years and now anxiety is rearing it`s ugly head. It`s been my experfience that all antidepressants quit working after prolonged use. Right now I`ve been taking 60 mg of celexa daily and 20 mg of Trazadone nightly but It seems they`ve quit working. I was on Effexor last year and it worked quite well for me and I want to go back on it. My doctor is now 600 miles away and he refuses to advise me long distance. I have some effexor left from last year, but I don`t know how to change over and what dosage to take. I have some 37.5 mg, 75 mg, and 150 mg. Last time I made the switch a different doctor told me just switch with tapering off celexa. Is that ok? And what dosage of effexor should I start with? I can`t live like this and my days are wasted - I need to get out of this despression and anxiety. Please help me - Is can`t get a doctor where I am now. Thank you for your assistance - God bless you.


The good news is that your history of response to Effexor in the past suggests that it probably will be helpful again. Despite this previous response to Effexor though, we can not recommend restarting it on your own without working with a physician on this crossover from Celexa to Effexor. Combination treatment with another medication could minimize the chances of Effexors initial efficacy from stopping this time. Again, this is where a new psychiatrist might be helpful.

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