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Absence of menstruation



I`ve been having irregular menstration period during my early years…until i got married. my menstrual period became regular…i gave birth then i used birth control pills for almost 2 years and have regular monthly period… i went out of the country so i stopped taking pills but i manage to finish the whole pack and had regular menstrual flow for 4 months…but it stopped..i`m 2 months delayed…there were mild pain during the schedule of my period but no bleeding…what could be it`s cause?


There are many causes of irregular bleeding and beyond the scope of this site to make a diagnosis or cover all the possibilities. It could be a normal variation as your cycles are returning to normal after having them suppressed for years. You need to make sure you are not pregnant and have a work-up to rule out thyroid disorders, or pituitary tumors.

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