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Closed cervix due to age



I am 55 yrs. old and started menopause at 44 yrs. old. I had a pap smear today and the doctor told me that my cervix is closed. I haven`t had sex in 11 yrs. and I`m also a DES baby and I have never had any children. It was very painful when he put the instrument in and the doctor said I was very tight, I guess due to not having intercourse in so many years. I would like to know if my cervix is closed due to my age, not havinng children or not having sex in a long time and secondly, if I do get into a relationship and have intercourse will it be painful due to a closed cervix?

Thank you.


The cervix is likely closed because you have been menopausal. With the lack of periods and low estrogen levels, your cervix can become stenotic. Not having children can also cause the cervix to close because it was never stretched during delivery. Since the cervix is not entered during intercourse, the lack thereof will not effect it's closure. Lack of intercourse can cause a narrowing of the vagina and cause pain.

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