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Anxiety and Stress Disorders

Anxiety Disorder?



I have a numbness on my left anus and my Dr checked me for MS, all the tests came back negative. In the process of all the testing i became obcessed with the disease (lumb in throat) this has gone away but i tremble at night mostly and i awake trembling. This has been going on since April. I am currently taking Lexapro and have taken closapem and Xanax. I now have tightening and pain in my neck area and between my shoulder blades. If i stop to think about the trembling, I can faintly feel it anytime. Help


It certainly sounds like anxiety, and specifically some fears of illness, are very much a part of what is going on with you.  Since you physicians have placed you on anti-anxiety medications (Lexapro is a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor, a very common and successful type of drug for both depression and anxiety).  However, it sounds like you are still having symptoms.  If you are not now receiving regular therapy, I would definitely recommend you find a counselor, especially one familiar with anxiety and cognitive behavioral therapy, and begin some sessions.  You may also need your medication adjusted, so I would recommend you check in regularly with your physician, as well.

Anxiety is highly treatable, but it takes time and perseverance.  If you are willing to work with your physician and a therapist, then your prognosis is good.

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