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Kidney Diseases

Anechoic cysts Causing Pressure Pains



I had a ultra sound done on the kidneys because of urinating blood and I have had a number of stones pass over the years.The tech said that it looked like stones in the left kidney but it would be up to the Doctor to determine what the ultra sound shows. The determination said that some anechoic cysts are seen in both kidneys but there is no hydronephrosis or calculus seen. I had blood emission after the ultra sound because of the 32 ounces of water needed for the test as I could feel pressure in the left kidney and have had one eposode of blood since. The question is would I have blood and pressure pain from the cysts?. I do go to the Urologist in a few days to find out what their determination is. Thank you


Anechoic cysts in kidney is a common finding and these are usually benign cysts and do not cause any symptoms unless rarely if it bleeds within. It seems in your case the pain is likely due to kidney stones. I am sure your doctor will discuss ultrasound report with you.

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Ganesh  Shidham, MD Ganesh Shidham, MD
Associate Professor of Nephrology
College of Medicine
The Ohio State University