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Thyroid Diseases

Thyroid Nodule



They found "ahyperechoic solidmass nodule on my thyroid gland lobe. 1.8.x2.3x2.2cm." Took an uptake scan -- "thyroid lobe inferior pole cold nonfunctioning nodule." Took a biopsy exam -- "there is an adequate cellular specimen characterized by numerous groups of relatively unform appearing follicular cells. Neither colloid material nor pigmented macrophages are observd." Comment -- "The cytogic features are those of cellular follicular lesion. The differential diagnosis includes a hyerplastic adenomatoid (colloid) nodule and a follicular neoplasm (statistically most likely a follicular adenoma. The likelihood of malignancy is small." Diagnosis -- "Left thyroid lobe pattern suggestive of cellular follicular lesion SEE COMENT." I`m confused -- some comments says it`s cancer some say it not. Please, does it sound like cancer and what do I need to do? Just concerned.


Small follicular lesions are most likely benign however the entire thyroid lobe is usually removed to prove this. The diagnosis of a follicular cancer usually requires examination of the the entire nodule to determine vessel or capsular invasion and it is usually easier and safer to remove the lobe (or half thyroid).

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Jeffrey J Sussman, MD Jeffrey J Sussman, MD
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College of Medicine
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