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COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease)

Area Of Density



I was diagnosed with Gastrointestinal stromal tumors in 2005 and had malignant tumors removed from my small intestines and stomach. I recently asked for copies of all my CT scans and saw that I was also diagnosed with COPD on my first scan in 2005, but was never told of this. The doctor said he was concerned with the cancer and since I hadn`t smoked in 14 years, he was not concerned with the emphysema. Each 6 month CT scan discusses the progressing or stablizing of the COPD as well as remarks that no new tumors are seen. However, when I phoned yesterday for the results of Monday`s scan, she didn`t want to give them to me because my oncologist hadn`t seen them yet, but I insisted. There are normally at least two paragraphs written about my chest but all she said was "There is a new area of density in the right middle lobe." I asked her if this was in reference to COPD or cancer and told her that the report should say much more than that but she said that was all it said. It makes no sense to me and I won`t see the doctor until tomorrow afternoon. Since the word "tumor" or "nodule" isn`t mentioned, is there a chance that this could be in reference to COPD. I have been cancer free for 3 yrs. and my rare type doesn`t normally spread to the lung, but it could. As far as for COPD, I have never seen a pulmonologist. I never cough, keep an O2 sat. of 98%, stay away from smoke, etc., but my CT scan says I do have it. Should I be preparing myself for the worst with this new "area of density?"


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