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Prostate Cancer

Why Do Prostate Tests Take So Long?



My husband had 12 biopsies done on Fri. a week ago and his results are not back yet. It has been 12 days. The office said they were sent for special testing. He had swollen prostate and a lump pressing on his uretha. Your input please on why it is taking so long and does this mean the doctor suspects cancer? Thank you


I am unaware why this is taking so long but I doubt it is  because his doctor suspects cancer. The process is as follows; the biopsy is done; the tissue sampled is sent to the pathology lab, and sections are made of the tissue, and a report is generated. The report is sent to your urologist and he informs you of the biopsy findings.

All the steps can have glitches, but usually do not. I would simply ask the urologist why it took so long, but I feel that up to one week is reasonable.

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R Bruce  Bracken, MD R Bruce Bracken, MD
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