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Lung Cancer

Recently had a CT scan



I have just had the results of the CT scan and under gone a biopsy of my lung. What does all this mean?

CT scan shown clinically significant mediastinal hilar and sub carinal lymph nodes and there are also sub centimetre nodes in the right middle lung. This is in the letter i have just had my bronchoscopy i feel i am not being told anythng as they have said it is going to be a six week wait until i get the results. originally went to my doctors seven months ago with a cough that would not go away after a chest infection surley this is not from that. Thanks


If you have multiple nodules in the lung and significant subcentimeter mediastinal lymph node enlargement, it could be from infection, tumor or some other condition known as sarcoidosis. If they have already done a biopsy with bronchosopy the biopsy results should be available within a week. However, the culture results in some cases may take up to six weeks. It could be bacterial or fungal infection. Sarcoidosis is most of the time a diagnosis of exclusion, meaning after all other conditions are excluded then based on the symptoms we determine if it is sarcoidosis. If the lymph node still remain enlarged and you don't have a diagnosis, your physician may want to have a surgical procedure known as mediastinoscopy to get better sample from these lymph nodes. Thanks.

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