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Kidney Diseases

Kidney Size



My nephorolist suggested to ultrasound of my kidneys due to some problem, and found that my left kidney size is little bit smallar then right size and having little stone. I have pain in my back not as severe when I walk a small distance, I am too much tired and feel weekness. My doctor given me just iron and vitaman tablet, not given the clear idea about size of kidney or why it happend.

Could you help me regarding this why this happend and what I should have to do? Please I am waiting for your reply. Thanks with regards.


I cannot tell exactly what is going on with you from the information that you give, but here are some thoughts that may help:

Many people have one kidney smaller than the other (even though both kidneys are normal).  Also, some people are born with only one kidney, and some have a kidney shrink because of infection or blood vessel problems within the kidney.  The important thing to know is whether your kidney function is normal and whether you have high blood pressure.  If your blood pressure is high, then you should be treated to prevent the blood pressure from damaging both kidneys.

If your kidney function is lower than it should be, then you must be having problems with both kidneys.  Sometimes kidney disease can lead to tiredness and weakness, so you should ask your doctor what level of kidney function you have (which can be estimated from a blood test), and whether you have anemia (a low red blood cell count).  Do not be shy about asking questions until you feel that you understand what is going on with your kidneys and your body!

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