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Skin Cancer

Small Lump on Finger



Recently while bathing I noticed a small lump on the middle phalanx of my left middle finger, close to the larger joint. It is oblong and symmetrical, about 3mm by 4mm. It`s basically skin-colored, though it might be slightly lighter than the immediately surrounding region. One of the lines of my skin runs right through the middle of it. It becomes more visible when I`m bathing and less so, though still barely visible, when my skin dries out again. It`s slightly raised with a smooth surface, and it`s easier to feel when my skin is wet. The border is not jagged or irregular. I don`t think it`s probably relevant to this issue, but I do get dry skin on my hands and the occasional patch of eczema, which runs in my family. Should I be concerned about the possibility of cancer?

Thank you for your assistance.


What you are describing does not sound like a skin cancer although without seeing it I cannot tell you for sure. It sounds as though it is most likely a small cyst. I would recommend having a dermatologist take a look to tell you for sure that it is not a skin cancer and to provide you with a definitive diagnosis.

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Jeremy S Bordeaux, MD, MPH Jeremy S Bordeaux, MD, MPH
Assistant Professor of Dermatology
School of Medicine
Case Western Reserve University