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Anxiety and Stress Disorders

Anxiety Attacks



My husband had surgery in April this year, a back op, he had 7 levels done, op took 9 hrs. Since the op he has had bladder problems, on med for that, seems under control. Now he has these attacks where he panics if he doesnt pass water every two hrs or so. We dont go anywhere because of this problem. He has attacks suddenly, and cries alot. Is this normal from having gone through such a long op? He is on med Brazepam 3mg. Will his bladder ever come right again? he takes laxatives as well. Thanks


Your question  is quite specific and not appropriate for this venue.  I encourage you to discuss these questions with your husband's personal physician.

It is not unusual for people with chronic medical problems to also experience anxiety and depression.  Be sure to express these concerns to your doctor and consider getting a mental health evaluation, getting counseling or attending support groups.

Good luck.

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