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Pain in frontal lobe region with other symp.



My daughter is 14yrs old and has been having various medical symptoms with out a diagnosis. In July of 2008 she was hospitalized with right abdominal pain that was said not to be caused from her appendix, gallbladder, kidney stones, but possibly from ovarian cysts. At the time of her hospitalization, her WBC was elevated with out a known cause. She suffered nausea, vomiting, pain, lethary, dizziness, and other symptoms. After a week they releases her undiagnosed. Since that time I have had her in the ER and to her Pediatrician at l;east 8 times with out any answers. They repeat the same testing which consists of CBC, CT scan, and sonograms. My daughter is experiencing multiple symptoms that consist now of severe pain in her right frontal lobe region. She says it feels like a ballon is blowing up in her head and then deflating a few moments later. Along with this she has a rash that comes and goes, edema that also comes and goes, abdominal pain on the right side, n/v, weakness in her extremities, she gets dizzy and lightheaded, her hearing has decreased to the point that she blares the television to hear it, and at different times she complains of blurred vision. I am at a loss here. Something is wrong with my child and the doctors don`t seem to know or care what it is. Can you please give me a clue or direct me to someone that may be able to help us.

Thank you, Feeling Helpless in NY


Unfortunately, although I understand your concern and frustration, without the ability to review her medical records and examine her, I am unable to provide any further diagnosis.  I would suggest you seek an opinion from an adolescent medicine specialist in your area who can provide the necessary review and examination.

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Michael Spigarelli, MD, PhD
Formerly, Associate Professor of Pediatrics and Internal Medicine
College of Medicine
University of Cincinnati