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Hemophilia and Inherited Bleeding Disorders

von Willebrand disease



my doctor looked into the possibility of my havings this disease because of my serious joint problems as possibly being linked to my unknown bleeding disorder. i do have this disease, but i want to know more about the joint issues associated with it.


Joint problems are most often associated with severe bleeding disorders, such as severe Hemophilia A or B.  Most cases of von Willebrand's Disease are mild.  However, persons with severe von Willebrand's disease can also bleed into their joints.  Bleeding into joints can cause damage to the lining of the joints (the synovium).  Damage to the joint lining can result in symptoms such as arthritis pain and decrease in the joint range of motion.  Acute bleeding into the joints can be treated by replacing the missing clotting factors.

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Madeline Heffner, BSN, RN
Nurse Coord.
College of Medicine
University of Cincinnati