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Lung Cancer

Subpleural nodule found



I was brought into the ER because I had a hard time brething. I am 36yr old female, long time smoker no other real health prolems. They took tons of test and found 3 Pericardial cyst noted along the right border at the cardiophrenic which is benign but my ? is about the small bening appearing subpleural nodule in the right middle lobe measuring 3.8mm a few scattered bullae are noted at the lung base, small sebaceous cyst in the posterior left flank region. Whats does all tat mean? I will be going to a heart doc soon but until i go I am so worried about what this all means? Will they grow if not do i need them removed at the size they are now?


Pericardial cysts are benign and typically cause no problems unless they are large. A 3.8mm subpleural nodule is very small. However, in a smoker, it might be worthwhile to obtain a follow-up CT in 3-6 months to make sure it does not change. Bullae are small "bubbles" in the lung. They are often related to smoking. They can be a component of emphysema. They should be treated only if very large. Sebaceous cysts are benign skin cysts than can occasionally cause problems if infected. Bottom line: quit smoking before your lungs get worse, and before you get cancer, have a heart attack, or develop one of the many other diseases caused by smoking.

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