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Early morning exercise



I think it would be beneficial for me to exercise (situps, pushups, etc...) first thing in the morning. I usually get up and go straight to the shower, but I would like to start getting up a little earlier to do some exercise before my shower. However, I have been told that it would be bad for my heart to do this. I do not have any heart conditions or illnesses, but I have someone telling me that my blood is thicker when I first wake up and that this would cause too much stress on my heart to exercise when my blood is thick. I don`t think this is correct. Are they right that this is bad for me? Is blood really thicker first thing in the morning?


There is no evidence that what you were told is true.

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Glen F Aukerman, MD, DABFP Glen F Aukerman, MD, DABFP
Professor of Family Medicine
College of Medicine
The Ohio State University