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Parkinson's Disease

How long will I have to take carb/levo?



Hi My Dr put me on carb/levo when i complained about leg pain and if i walked very far somedays my legs had a tendency to weaken and i couldnt walk very far till well rested. some of the more severe symptoms have gone.does this sound like PD? will ii have to take it til i die ? Im 81 yrs thank you


The diagnosis of Parkinson's disease (PD) is made clinically based on the presence of the following cardinal features:

1) Slowness and small movements
2) Rigidity
3) Tremor
4) Postural instability

The classic walking abnormality seen with PD is short, shuffled steps and slowness. There are numerous other symptoms, including pain, that people with PD can also experience. PD is a chronic progressive condition without a cure, and the mainstay treatment to help alleviate some of the symptoms throughout a person's life is carbidopa/levodopa.

Another reason a doctor may prescribe carbidopa/levodopa is Restless Legs Syndrome. I strongly suggest you contact your doctor to further discuss the reason for prescribing carbidopa/levodopa.

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