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Women's Health

Vaginal discharge



normally my discharge is gel like.but some times it becomes white and occurs in granular forms is that normal or it is a problem?  should i take out the vaginal fluid by myself or not?  please answer.


Vaginal discharge can change over the course of a month. There are several types of discharge that a woman can experience:

Vaginal discharge can also be clear and stretchy (or gel-like). This usually means you are ovulating and are fertile at this time. It is quite common to have a lot of discharge at this time (up to 30 times more than usual in some cases).

Clear and watery discharge can occur at any time in your cycle. Yellow or green dischage usually indicates an infection, especially if it is clumpy or has a foul odor.

Sometimes women may have brown discharge right after a period; this is normal. Old blood looks brown. If brown or bright red (bloody) discharge occurs mid-cycle or in between periods and you have had sex without using birth control, you should take a pregnancy test.

If you don't feel your discharge fits into any of the categories above or you feel you may have an infection based on one of the categories above, please call your health care practitioner.

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Victoria  von Sadovszky, PhD Victoria von Sadovszky, PhD
Assistant Professor
College of Nursing
The Ohio State University