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Abnormal Bleeding



4 months ago I had a cryosurgery to remove a cyst in my cervix. A month after that I was started on a treatment for unexplained infertility with Clomid and progesterone (to stimulate ovulation, though I did ovulate normally), all this went on for 3 cycles. And I had normal periods (3-5 days of bleeding). My last cycle with clomid was this month (from day 5 to 9 of my cycle) Now I am experiencing a very long period (never had this problem before).

I`m on the 14th day of my cycle and still bleeding. I was prescribed Progesterone starting on the 7th until the 27th day of my cycle to help stop the bleeding, but it has only slowed down..not fully stop.

Is there any place where I can find more info about this problem? I was prescribed Clomid because of my age (40) and because of my husband`s low sperm count as preparation for an IVF which will take place 3 months from now. Will my bleeding affect my treatment or my IVF?. I never had any problems, and on my last sonogram (2 months ago) there were no ovarian cysts, also the cryosurgery has healed completly. I still have unexplained infertility, the cyst on my cervix appeared after my last IVF (about 1 year ago.

Now I don`t know how to stop the bleeding and my doctor does not seem very concerned about it, I`m still scheduled for IVF. Any info, websites, suggestions, vitamins, natural suplement or any other suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

I do understand this is in no way a substitute for professional health care, but I am truly worried and wish to know if there is anything else I can do to help stop this bleeding (food, diets, vitamins, hormones, etc).

On my ovulation predictors I find only "light" lines on the test window (wich mean negative), but as I mentioned before, I was ovulating normally. Now, after the Clomid I seem to have very low LH surges (before Clomid I had normal LH surges, with dark red lines on the Ovulation Test).


As you have already begun treatment, I would assume that you have had an infertility work-up, including a hysterosalpingogram or HSG (dye test to see if the tubes are open).  If not, some uterine cavity evaluation should be performed.  This would rule out the presence of any fibroid or polyp in the uterine cavity that could potentially cause bleeding.    I would also recommend an ultrasound to look at the uterine lining thickness, as well to make sure that there are no fibroids in the wall of the uterus which could contribute to the bleeding.   There are no dietary changes that you could make to control the bleeding. 

Because of your age and male factor, IVF would represent your best chances for conception.

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Daniel B Williams, MD Daniel B Williams, MD
College of Medicine
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