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Do I still have hives?



24 hours after a colonoscopy I start having hives, my allergy doctor said that i have urticaria due to the anesthesia. He prescribed Clarinex with wich i had big relief. After a month I stop the medice and I don`t have them any more. it is been 10 days after. I went back to the doctor and He told me that i STILL having the hives. How can this be possible?. I feel fine. Can He determinated that I still having them?. He took blood sample at the second week where I had the IGE serum high 233. He did some allergy test with negative result. I`m 36 years old female.


If you are not experiencing hives that you can see and that itch, your hives are gone. The IgE of 233 does not mean that you have underlying hives.

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