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Kidney pain during pregnancy?



I am about 21 weeks pregnant, and a little over a week ago, I started experiencing just the right side of my back It doesn`t hurt to urinate, and the more I drink water or liquids, the less it hurts. In fact, it goes for days without hurting. I went and had a urine test that was sent to my Ob/Gyn, and they haven`t called me (I had the urine test almost a week ago) to say that I have a kidney infection or anything. It can be very, very painful. The more I urinate, the better it feels. My doctor said before the urine test that it could be a dilated kidney, which is apparently common in pregnant women. Does a dilated kidney have pain? The more I hold my urine (like during an ultrasound) the more severe the pain gets. Could it be kidney stones? I would think if it was an infection, the doctor`s office would`ve called me to come and get antibiotics. I did notice awhile ago that taking acetominophen (sp?) helped. I urinate normally (no pain, and regularly), and it`s a pale yellow color the entire time. I am just worried that if it is a kidney infection it will hurt the baby. What else could cause pain in the back like this?


Three possible causes of your pain are kidney infection, kidney stone or bladder spasm that is being felt in the kidney area.  Keep working through the evaluation with your physician and hopefully an answer will be uncovered.

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Arthur T Ollendorff, MD Arthur T Ollendorff, MD
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