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Athletic Training

Leg pain



I am 20 years old. I attend college and recently began taking two physical fitness classes. After a couple of days i began experiencing lower leg pain. I will just run down teh gym and back and do some simple leg stretches and my leg begins to hurt really bad. It hurts mainly in the calfs. it is like a stabbing pain and then after i rest a while it goes away but then the front of my leg hurts really bad in the front bone and in the innner sides of my legs. after a couple of days not exercising they do not hurt at all except when i press on certain areas then i expereince pain in those areas. I am really worried because I have never expereinces this before.


Thanks for your question. It is not uncommon to start having lower leg pain when first starting fitness classes, especially if you are doing two of them!

From your description, it sounds like you could have a few things going on. I would recommend a follow up with a physician to determine the source of your symptoms. You might need a set of x-rays, or it might be as simple as doing some lower leg strengthening, but I would let the physician make that decision.

Hope this helps.

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