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Reoccuring infection



I have a concern pertaining to hip replacements(3) that I have had since 1996. After the second one, I developed staph immediately in the surgery area on my right hip. It began as a blister that never went completely away and now for the second time in six months, it has swelled up and contains a mixture of blood and clear fluid. I stuck a needle in it a few days ago and drained it but now it has swollen again with a second blister on top of the first one that is purple colored and is leaking a greenish fluid. What could it be and be causing it?


I recommend you see the surgeon who operated on you last time, if this is related to the previous hip surgery. Alternatively it could be an unrelated blistering skin condition over the hip (bullous pemphigoid) for which you should see your family physician or a dermatologist. Please only drain with a sterile needle as one can introduce infection and make it worse. Your family physician can do it for you under aseptic conditions if the blister is large. Thanks.

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Arvind   Modawal, MD, MPH, MRCGP Arvind Modawal, MD, MPH, MRCGP
Professor of Family & Community Medicine, Geriatrics and Palliative Care
College of Medicine
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