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Hemochromatosis single mutation H63D ident



After 4 1/2 months of medical tests it was found tha I had the gene for Hemochromatosis my Ferritin level is 503 the Dr Informed me this is a rare type as I have all the other signs Joint, Heart, Color, Fatigue etc. He is starting to take one pint of blood a week to get me back to Normal Iron Level is this Normal and what am I expect in my life the heart problem was the worse with the extreme heart pounding that I thought I was having a heart attack I also have the swelling over my Liver. Thank You


Your doctor seems to be doing the type of treatment. You will have to donate blood until he/she can get your iron or ferritin level down to around 50. Without seeing your medical records, it is impossible to tell you what the prognosis is and which things are reversible and which things aren't.

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