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Perimenopause over 40 trying to conceive one



I am 42 years of age and is trying to conceive . I only have one fallopian tube. My cycles have just become increasingling long 45 and 52 days the last two cycles. I am currently at day 40 of my current cycle. Is there hope for me?


Unfortunately, the chance of getting pregnant does decrease with age. After 40, the chance of getting pregnant without help is probably less than 1 in 4. In addition, the risk of miscarriage and some genetic problems are increased. However, it is still possible to get pregnant and have a child at 42 years of age. Your long menstrual cycles suggest that you might not be ovulating effectively or regularly. This could be due to age or due to an unrelated hormonal problem. Since fertility continues to decrease with age, it is recommended that you ask your primary care doctor or gynecologist to refer you to an infertility specialist as soon as possible. After performing a basic fertility evaluation, the specialist will discuss with you the best ways to increase you chances of getting pregnant.

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William W Hurd, MD William W Hurd, MD
Professor of Reproductive Biology
School of Medicine
Case Western Reserve University