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Sports Medicine

High ankle sprain



I recently fell off the uneven bars at gymnastics. I fell over the low bar and slammed my ankle down on the concrete (there was a gap in the mats) The athletic trainer said that I have a high ankle sprain and gave me crutches and an aircast. 3 Days have passed and I can sort of walk (no weight on the ankle, just the toes) and it hurts really bad. I was doing some research online to see what I should do for a high ankle sprain and it said that they are almost always treated in a cast. The brace he gave me does not limit motion up and down (which is what hurts) Should I go to the doctor?


Yes.  You need tests to determine if there was a fracture.  If there is no fracture then you need tests to determine the extent of the sprain.  That will get you the best treatment and get you back to gymnastics faster.

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