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Ovary twice its normal size



I was born with only one ovary and have conceived 4 children without a problem. During a recent ultrasound due to having symptons of chronic lower abdominal pain and extreme tiredness, it was found my ovary was twice its normal size. My doctor did not seem concerned. I would like to have more children and this worries me. No cysts were detected. Previous ultrasounds over the years have never shown this before. Should I seek a second opinion and more tests? Any information would be greatly appreciated.


Because the ovary is very dynamic and changes size frequently with the development of an egg each month, you need more than one point in time to determine if the ovary is abnormal. This is especially true of women who are still menstruating. It is also important to note if there is any cyst or solid components to the ovary. If it is largely homogenous, then it is likely a normal, but large ovary. More important than the size is the make up of the ovary. You should have a follow up scan in about 6 weeks from the first. If it still is enlarged, you should ask for an explanation. If you are not satisfied with the explanation, you should seek a second opinion.

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