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Possible asthma



Hi Dr. My daughter went to the allergist with possible bronchitis. He felt it could be due to asthma. Without the asthma meds it did clear up, but it does come back every fall. Could asthma in itself eventually go away without meds for a short time only to come back. Also her eosonophils were a bit high, i saw another quest regarding this and wondered if asthma can raise eosonophils?


It is very possible that asthma can come and go. When asthma is under good control, there are no symptoms. If, however, there are allergies or other triggers in the fall, these can lead to asthma that is "seasonal." Asthma can come and go as the triggers are present or removed. Often, seasonal bronchitis is mistaken and is really asthma. Allergies and asthma can raise your eosinophil count.

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