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Digestive Disorders

Long-term and increasing pain in upper left



I live in a remote fishing village in Alaska and medical care is expensive and I have to leave town to get it. I REALLY would APPRECIATE any guidence you might have to offer. 

I have had a dull pain in my upper left quadrant, it has been increasing for years and is now quite uncomfortable and scary. It seems to move around a bit, mostly at the bottom of my rib cage and sometimes around to my back on left side. It is worse when I take a deep breath or raise my left leg when sleeping on belly, like there is an inflamed mass that doesn`t like pressure. Can`t seem to connect it to food at all. As it has worsened in past few months, I seem to have low grade slight fever and feeling a little tired. I had full upper and lower abdominal cat scans two years ago, and colonoscopy then, but symptoms are worse now. I am somewhat overweight, pre-diabetes, so I thought maybe pressure was just fat or something, but it is only and always on left side. Palpating abdomen doesn`t hurt much, and it seems that epicenter is up under ribs a little anyway. Any ideas of what to do next?


From what you are telling me, your symptoms do not necessarily sound GI in origin. It sounds more muscular or worse case heart related. I would try some medication like Motrin for a little while, and if that does not help, I see no other option but to see a primary care doctor who may want to investigate your heart.

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Annette  Kyprianou, MD Annette Kyprianou, MD
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